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Seminar Date : May 13th, 2023



Go from Being Invisible & Unheard to STANDING OUT As the Top 4% In Your Industry!

By end of 2023 (or sooner) you could be impacting 1000s of lives and seeing exponential growth professionally, financially and personally!

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10,000+ people have benefitted from this training

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Why Attend This Seminar?

  • Attract any Opportunity you DESERVE & DESIRE

  • Build a Mindset of the TOP 4% to manifest any result you want in your life

  • Unblock what's stopping you from being Magnetic, Impactful & Successful

  • Feel more CONFIDENT & EMPOWERED and start creating positive impact

10,000+ people have benefitted from this training

Register Before 12 am Midnight To Unlock 3 Bonuses Worth ₹5400/-


4 hours


6th May

11am to 3pm



Register Within 15 Minutes To Unlock 3 Bonuses Worth ₹5400/-

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Attract an abundance of PERSONAL & PROFESSIONAL GROWTH opportunities your way, like a magnet

You have been struggling to attract the right opportunities to design your life. You have so many goals to achieve, so many skills to showcase and you have the DREAM to impact people through your knowledge, but it gets very overwhelming. You end up losing track.

You see others make it big in their lives, and you wonder, "Why not me?"

You keep trying. You try various ways. You work more on your skills, but again, people don't notice you. They have no idea who are you and if they can actually trust you.

You feel people can learn so much from you, but they don't see it.

This LIVE Seminar will teach you how to BECOME AN IMPACT CREATOR that people want to connect with!

Register Within 15 Minutes To Unlock 3 Bonuses Worth ₹5400/-

Meet Your Trainer

Impact Creator Coach | Image Consultant | Author | Personal Branding Expert | Trainer | 25000+ Impacted | Award Winning Coach

  • Diya Asrani is a renowned trainer, speaker and coach with over a decade of experience in the industry

  • Learning from her rejections and failures, Diya has a deep mission to build an army of Impact Creators who attract massive growth professionally and personally through their own presence

  • Trained over 25,000 professionals, coaches and entrepreneurs in her career, through her trainings, coaching, courses and masterclasses

  • Trained employees of popular companies in the retail, educational and corporate sectors

  • Author of the book "Design Your PERSONAL BRAND Presence" which is available worldwide on Amazon

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This offer is valid for 15 minutes

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Worked with large corporations and organisations like

This seminar is for you

If you want to achieve any of these goals!










What outcomes can you expect from this seminar?

🏆 Build an EMPOWERED mindset to think, behave and attract like the Top 4% leader

🏆 Secrets to ATTRACTING your next job/promotion/client

🏆 Get to know exactly what you need to do to become an IMPACT CREATOR that people want to connect with

🏆 Learn the SIMPLIFIED way to ACCELERATE your growth and impact

🏆 MOST IMPORTANT - ACTIVATE your own power to go from ORDINARY to EXTRAORDINARY, achieving RESULTS in your life like never before!

Learn from Diya's 12+ years experience of training and impacting lives!

Diya saw TREMENDOUS GROWTH once she stepped back into her power

Diya restarted her learning journey in 2018 by working on her skills, self-image and confidence. She took up corporate trainings and assignments which required her to travel around the country to train people from different industries, roles and backgrounds on topics related to building an impact and influence in their careers and business.

This journey inspired her to start her own online business and brand wherein she could reach thousands of people worldwide, and empower them to build their personal brands, online presence and confidence to impact people through their image and expertise.

She soon got recognised as one the Top 10 Branding Coaches worldwide!

Diya has since then, been constantly building and creating the best solutions to help coaches, entrepreneurs and working professionals to become IMPACT CREATORS in their industries! These solutions are shared in the LIVE seminar as well

10,000+ people have benefitted from this training

Frequently asked questions

Where can I find the link to the Live seminar?

Once you sign up, you will receive an email with the link to join the session. You will have to register in that link to get your unique url to the session.

Where do I ask questions with regards to the training or registration links?

You can connect with us on Instagram DM or write to

What if I cant attend the session on that particular day?

If you can't attend the session on that date, please don't sign up. You can come back and sign up for the next one.

Will there be a recording given?

No, there is no recording given. The seminar is exclusive.

If I miss the session, can I attend the next one?

Yes, you can attend the next one if you have missed this one.

Any preparations to be done before I attend the seminar?

Come with an open mind, 100% commitment and intention to learn + a notebook to take notes.

Can I attend the seminar with my friend/family member?

Yes you can.

Is this training for me?

People from different backgrounds, industries and roles have attended this program and more than 90% of them relate with the learnings and concepts taught. So yes, it is definitely for you.